Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Native Art Retail Gallery Location But ...

Even though it states on our contact information webpage that we do not have a native art retail gallery location in the Toronto area, we still get a few calls asking if we do.  Sorry folks, we welcome your telephone calls but it isn't going to change things :)

We do NOT have a retail location which is why our prices are so good.  No expensive retail overhead means that we can offer better prices to you.  Also, if you are in the GTA, we offer personal on site service.  That is, we are willing to come to your home or office to show you the Native art pieces you might be interested in.  

So if you are in the Toronto area and want to shop for Inuit art or Northwest Native art, sure you can come to a retail gallery to see artwork.  Just not ours since we don't have one.  All pieces that we have in stock are on our website.  

If you insist on going to a retail gallery location, get ready to pay for higher prices, sometimes double.  But if you want the best prices possible, then come shop online for Inuit art and Native art at Free Spirit Gallery. Plus we do offer personal on site (your site that is) service.

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