Monday, June 23, 2008

Wave of Suicides Among Inuit Youth in Arctic North

The CBC news up here in Canada did a segment the other night about the wave of recent suicides among Inuit youth in Arctic north communities.  One community in particular, Puvirnituq, up in Arctic Quebec Nunavik, has been affected significantly with numerous incidents.

One of the associated problems is the lack of opportunities for Inuit youth in such isolated areas.  There is also an extreme shortage of housing as available homes are currently serving as shelter for as many as 20 people.

Inuit who escape their communities and head for cities like Montreal often find themselves in no better shape as they are left out in the streets homeless.

This is very sad indeed.  Inuit who are educated in college have returned back up north to help out their communities but progress with aid from the government is dreadfully slow.

At least those of us in the arts community (galleries and collectors) can do our best to help out by supporting the Inuit artists and carvers from the Arctic north.

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Anonymous said...

I am an Inuk artist from Arviat, NU. I think its a great idea to support Inuit artists. I think if Inuit youth are supported thru art workshops, or other means, they'll learn to express themselves, therefore help emotionally, mentally, etc... thanks for the blog.