Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inuit Art 2009 Calendars

There are three different 2009 calendars available all featuring Inuit art now. It's a nice way to feature Inuit art each month your home or office walls. They also make great gifts for friends to introduce them to Inuit art as well. Check them out at Inuit Art 2009 Calendars.

Monday, September 29, 2008

More Polar Bears At Inuit Art Gallery

We brought in more polar bears at our Inuit Art gallery. These include both dancing bears and walking polar bear Inuit carvings. Polar bear Inuit carvings are the most popular sellers in Inuit art since they are symbolic of the Arctic north as well as Canada. So click on Polar Bear Inuit Carvings to see what we currently have.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Recent Northwest Native Indian Art Gallery Testimonial

Here's a recent customer testimonial that was sent into our Northwest Native Indian art gallery.

"The bear carving arrived safe and sound on schedule today. Thank you for packing it so carefully and for the
Certificate of Authenticity. I'm very, very pleased with the carving and with the way you've dealt with my order.
I should also commend you on your web-site with the colour photographs of the carvings organized in a clear and helpful
way. It was like browsing a gallery catalogue. Instructions on payment, and the inclusion of the packaging and
handling costs into the price was a very welcome bonus."

R. Phillips, Surrey, BC

We always appreciate such comments from our Native Indian art gallery customers and a larger collection can be seen at customer testimonials. They show the high quality service and pieces we offer.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Muskox Inuit Art Carving

Our Inuit art gallery was sold out of muskox carvings for quite some time but we finally managed to bring in a new one this week.  This is the largest muskox carving we have ever received at 6 inches in length.  It is also very detailed.  For more information on this piece, click on the image or muskox Inuit art carvings.

image muskox inuit art carvings  /

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Walruses Among Inuit Art Carvings That Came In

Two new walruses are among the latest arrivals of Inuit art carvings that came in this week. One is a handstanding one too.  See both at Inuit art walrus carvings.  We will feature more about these new arrivals at our Inuit art gallery this week.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Eskimo Art Carvings Came In

New Eskimo art carvings from the Arctic came in today.  It will take 1-2 days to process them with new photos and measurements so stay tuned as there are new polar bears, walruses and a muskox.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Northwest Indian Art In Movie

I saw the movie Johnny Tootall last night starring Adam Beach and it was quite good. It was based on a reserve on Vancouver Island.  Lots of Northwest Indian art, music and dancing were featured in the movie.  There were masks worn by dancers as well as button blankets plus totems throughout the film.  Two types of Northwest Indian art masks were seen, the flatter type that can be hung on a wall as well as the larger box-like versions which dancers wear on top of their heads.  It was a wonderful movie that showed a lot about Northwest Indian culture.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Native American Movie Tonight On TV

Don't know how many of you get the TV channel Bravo but tonight at 9 pm est, there is a movie about Native American brothers getting in opposite sides of the law called "Johnny Tootall" starring Adam Beach.  More articles on Native American Culture available.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Will Put Up New 2009 Inuit Art Calendars Soon

We are working to put on the new Inuit art calendars for 2009 this week.  Then people can get an early start in Christmas shopping.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, if you are still collecting 2008 calendars, see our current picks for Inuit art calendars.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Green Polar Bears In Japanese Zoo

Visitors to a Japanese zoo are shocked to see the polar bears there because they are green.  They thought that the resident polar bears were ill but zoo officials were able to put the visitors' worries to rest.

The reason for the green color is that there is an above normal amount of algae growth in the polar bears' water area in their exhibit.  After the polar bears take dips in the pool, the algae sticks to their fur giving them the green color.

Zoo officials claim that once the algae growth lowers later in the fall, the polar bears will gradually turn back to their normal white color.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catalogue For Native American Art?

We had a question yesterday asking if there was a catalogue for our Native American Indian art and the answer is no.  All of our pieces are original, one of a kind artwork so it would be pointless to even print a catalogue since once a certain piece is sold, it will no longer be available.  Everything that we currently have in our Native American Indian art gallery is on our website.  If you no longer see a particular piece there that was present during a previous visit to our website, that means it was sold.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One Winged Bald Eagle Honored In Alaska

One Wing, the one-winged bald eagle who survived the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, died in Early May at the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage, Alaska.  Many in Alaska's Native Eyak community call One Wing a special eagle brother because of his strong spirit.  "We had to amputate his entire wing from his shoulder down when we rescued him, because he tore it fighting so hard to fly away free,"  said Veterinarian Cindy Palmatier. 

After surviving surgery, One wing served as a blood donor to hundreds of birds suffering from anemia and blood disorders caused by Exxon's spills. Despite the huge amounts of blood One Wing was transfusing, he continued to grow stronger each day. "That bird gave and gave and gave way beyond what any bird should be able to accommodate, and we really utilized him heavily to help other birds," Palmatier said. 

One Wing had a large following thanks to poems written by retired veterinarian, Dr.  Jim Scott. Another author, Joan Harris, also wrote a popular children's book: "One Wing's Gift: Rescuing Alaska's Wild Birds." A special memorial ceremony released One Wing's ashes back to the Eyak Nation and into the Prince William Sound. "People came from all over the country to check up on One Wing, so it's only right that we finally release him in such a special way," Palmatier said.

Bald eagles and other birds are one of the most popular subjects of native art.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting Lots of Comment For Native American Dance Videos

We've been getting lots of comments for our Native American dance videos, especially the ones that are posted on YouTube.  We of course, welcome comments as long as they are relevant to the video.  These Native American dance videos are part of our now large collection of Native American Culture Videos.  Go check them out at the link.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Injured Native American Jingle Dress Dancer Graduates

During May's graduation at Haskell Indian Nations University, Willow Jack Abrahamson was the first student to cross the stage and receive her bachelor’s degree. That honor was bestowed upon her by the cheering crowd of students, teachers and family who call her a leader and  inspiration. Three years ago, Willow lost her husband and 4-year-old daughter in a car accident. Willow and her 6-year old son, Nakeezaka, survived, but Willow suffered head, spine, and pelvic injuries.  

Doctors told the award-winning Native American jingle dress dancer that she would need a wheelchair or walker. “I was feeling like the whole world was caving in. It was like I was living a real-life nightmare, something I would never want to see anybody go through,” Willow said.  What kept her going was a visit by the Dalai Lama, who heard her story and wanted to meet her. His Holiness reminded Willow that she still had a son and happiness to share. 

“I decided I can’t be sitting there acting like a crybaby," Willow remembers. " I am the mother and the father now. I have a child to raise. I’ve got to quit this road of self pity.”  In  2006, Willow returned to Haskell.  But tragedy struck again in 2007 when she and Nakeezaka were in another rollover accident.  Nakeezaka broke his arm and femur. Willow shattered her pelvic area. Again, doctors told said she'd need a wheelchair or walker. Willow said she often thought of the passage: “This too shall pass.”  

Once again, Willow overcame these challenges, then went on to finish college by graduating magna cum laude. She dedicated her graduation to her daughter and son. Willow was also honored as the head lady dancer at Haskell' powwow -- a high honor. 

To see what this type of dance is all about, see the video at Native American Jingle Dress Dance.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nunavut Celebrates 15 Years of Inuit Land Claims

On July 9, 1993, Canada's Parliament passed the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act and the Nunavut Act. The Act granted the Inuit their own territory and the right to form and run their own government.   In 1999, Nunavut officially became a new territory in Canada.  Recently, Nunavut celebrated its 15 year anniversary of Inuit Land Claims. 

"We ... recognize the efforts of our past leaders of the years - you're looking at [a] 25-, 30-year span - and our Inuit leaders at that time that worked so hard to get the land claims underway and trying to get recognition for the Inuit of Nunavut," said Paul Kaludjak, president of Nunavut Tunngavik, Inc.  "It's been [an] uphill battle ...  It's not all glamour, and it's been difficult at many times."  

The Nunavut Day Celebrations were kicked off by Kaludjak and Nunavut Premier Paul Okalik at Nakasuk School in Iqaluit. Those attending enjoyed a feast, scavenger hunt, Inuit arts and craft show, chili cook-off and games. Inuit in Yellowknife also celebrated with a downtown lunch hour barbecue.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Artwork From Inuit Mythology Legends Shamanism

Some of the artwork featuring interesting characters from Inuit mythology, legends and shamanism  are shown in an new article this month on our website.  The last few months of new Inuit art articles were mainly focused on pieces, there are still some more images of artwork to make up another new article.  This will come out for October and we still haven't come around to editing the video footage.  So there is much more content to show in the upcoming months.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Art Carvings of Sedna From Inuit Legend

Some interesting art carvings of the Sedna which is a character from Inuit legend.  Just click on Sedna carvings to see them.

Although not a common subject among Inuit carvers, we do see Sedna pieces every now and then.  At Free Spirit Gallery, we do not carry any Sedna carvings but we can locate them for collectors if requested.  Just contact us if you are interested in Sedna pieces.

Monday, September 01, 2008

September Native Art Gallery Newsletter Tomorrow

The September Native Art gallery newsletter is coming out tomorrow, but only for our subscribers.  Subscription to our monthly newsletter is free so why not just go ahead and do so in the right top boxes on this blog page.  Otherwise, you will miss announcements on new articles, videos and artwork.  Each monthly newsletter issue doesn't appear online at our website until at the end of the month so with a free subscription, you won't have to wait for a month to get the latest news on Native Art.