Monday, September 29, 2008

More Polar Bears At Inuit Art Gallery

We brought in more polar bears at our Inuit Art gallery. These include both dancing bears and walking polar bear Inuit carvings. Polar bear Inuit carvings are the most popular sellers in Inuit art since they are symbolic of the Arctic north as well as Canada. So click on Polar Bear Inuit Carvings to see what we currently have.


deepika said...

Baby Polar Bears are so cute and cuddly and you can’t help but want to hug them.I found interesting article about art on

Clint said...

There's a polar bear cub at the gallery right now. Just go to the polar bears carvings page

Whitewolfe said...

It`s time to say thanx for all your work on our page, great job, always

your friend

Clint said...

You are welcome. Go to the articles and videos sections of the Free Spirit Gallery website (link at top right of this blog page) to get hours of entertainment and education.