Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New High School Curriculum For Canadian Inuit Students

Canadian Inuit youth struggle with self-identity and Arctic based educators hope a new curriculum will be of help. Nunavut education officials have created a new high school curriculum the meets university entrance standards while teaching Inuit values, healthy relationships and personal wellness.

"We've sent it to 25 universities in the south (Canada) and they've accepted it … as meeting their entry requirements," said Cathy McGregor, a curriculum and school services director. The Aulajaaqtut curriculum for Grades 10-12 replaces an Albert curriculum which Nunavut high school students had to pass in order to graduate. It allows them to take the principles and values from their ancestors that are relevant today, both in their own community and the world.

The curriculum will be implemented in 2010. Aulajaaqtut — an Inuktitut word for a formation of flying geese — will be taught by educators who are Inuit and long-time northerners. The Education Department plans to develop more curricula for lower grades. To see an image of an Arctic school, see the article on Iqaluit.

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