Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If We Do A Printed Inuit Art Book

Continuing with what I mentioned yesterday about the possibility of a printed Inuit art book, if we do one, we will have to reshoot all the photos of the various art pieces. The ones on the free ebooks have low resolution for website speed and we no longer have any high resolution versions. Many of the Inuit art and Native American art carvings that were featured in the two ebooks have also been sold already so we can't get photos of them. We will have to use other pieces as the models.

The other thing if we go ahead with such a project in the future is that I will probably not take most of the photos myself. I had problems with photographing many of the Inuit art pieces with the reflection or glare of light from flashes. I would probably opt to use a professional photographer who knows how to deal with such issues.

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