Monday, November 03, 2008

Should We Do A Printed Book On Native Art?

As many of you know, we have our two ebooks available for free as downloads since they are great resources for both Inuit art and Northwest Indian art. I'm currently working on a new book which has nothing to do with art. It's on motivation and success. It will be filled with principles of achieving goals and lots of inspirational quotes.

However, as I'm working on this new book, I sometimes have thoughts whether we should make our native art ebooks available as printed versions. In this case, we would combine the two into a decent size Canadian native art book with both Inuit art and Northwest Indian art. But if we do a printed version, we would have to reshoot all the photos since the ones shot for the ebook were low resolution because we wanted them to load up quickly on computers. We don't have high resolution versions of these images which would be required for a printed book.

If we wanted to do a printed book, it would be a matter of redoing all the photos since the text is already written. In case you have been exposed to our free ebooks, see the links on them at the links section of this blog at the right side.

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