Friday, November 21, 2008

Time Management If Shopping For Art As Gifts This Holiday Season

If you are planning to shop for art, either Inuit art or Native American art as gifts this holiday season, please do so well ahead of time if shopping online. Unlike shopping at street retail galleries where you usually have to pay much higher prices, online shopping will often result with lower prices but you do have to account for time for shipping.

As part of time management in your shopping for gifts, I would recommend that you start shopping now. Delivery services cannot guarantee that you or your gift recipient gets the art in time for the holidays if you leave things until say mid December. For overseas shipping, even early December might be a tight squeeze. So definitely start now to avoid disappointment.

Speaking of time management, since we can all use a little bit of help in getting more time in our day to day lives, here's a good article on time management for your interest.

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