Thursday, January 08, 2009

Motivational Book Is Edited

My next book, "The Life Champion In You", has just passed the editing phase yesterday (finally!). The next step for this motivational book project is to create the cover. Once the cover is done, an ebook or electronic version of the book can be released. I don't think this will take long, maybe another week or so. To get the printed softcover version will take a bit more work as things must get formatted differently. That might take another week or two. So the ebook version will definitely be ready before January is out and it will be February for the printed version of my new motivational book.

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Anonymous said...


Two years ago, I read a novellete, Memoir of The House, a story told by a house in the Rockies, written by Devon St. Claire.. This wee book inspired me to change my life!

Then I just found its sequel, Shadow Women, Emerging into Light. It is the story of the traveling of a book (Memoir) several hundreds of miles from Portland, OR to a mountain home in Invermere, BC, where the readers become observers then active participants in the life of the House....And ultimately, their personal stories reveal everyone's hopes and dreams, They are blessed with understanding and caring---the 'gift' that God offers when we are in harmony with His design.