Friday, January 30, 2009

New Video Footage of Diversity Speaker Clint Cora

Since Inuit and Native culture is also about diversity, this would be a good place to mention that there is some new video footage of professional diversity speaker Clint Cora, who was also the author of the Inuit art and Native art ebooks at Free Spirit Gallery. The previous video was over 8 minutes but parts of it were replaced by a recent motivation talk which actually brought the video down to under 8 minutes. This revamped video can be seen at the official homepage of diversity speaker Clint Cora.


Medicinehorse7 said...


I also am very interested in the exploration of Native American Art. Should you care to view my blog it is a new site that focuses exclusively on the subject. Currently Art of the native American church is being featured.
Come over and link as a follower and I will link in kind. Thank you for the time.

Canadian Tourism said...

Anyone who enjoys Inuit art should also check out the collection at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, it's really quite impressive