Friday, March 06, 2009

Two Inuit Dancing Bears Left

Another one of our Inuit dancing bears was shipped to Ohio this week leaving us with only two Inuit dancing bears left at our gallery. Check them out at our Inuit Polar Bear Carvings.

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William & Susanne Waites said...


Are dancing polar bears just the happiest carvings around. We have at least on in our personal collection. We also have and offer some Zuni fetish carvings of dancing bears, with a similar sense of elation. They are at our web site, Perhaps your blog readers would like to take a look. PS: I'm thinking of linking to your blog in a blog on my Tribal Artery blog, drawing the parallels between the two types of carving.
Do you have any background on the Inuit artists' motivations when they carve these items?