Saturday, July 11, 2009

Take The Time During Recession To Learn

If one finds that life is tougher during the recession and that extra time is available due to a layoff or shorter working hours, there still is a way to benefit.  Take the time to learn extra skills by either enrolling in a course or simply by reading in the public library for free.  Even learn more about art and other topics of interest.

Also, take the time to reconnect with important people in your life as well as yourself.  I really don't think that people have taken the time to do this and recession periods will be ideal to do so.  
I discuss these very points about how to best utilize extra time during this recession with Susan Lamb during a radio podcast interview that you can listen in on anytime.  It's a 24 minute podcast and worth listening to in order to get perhaps a different and healthy perspective on this recession.

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