Saturday, August 01, 2009

July Native Art Gallery Newsletter

I went to a conference recently where entertainment acts showcased in front of representatives from colleges and universities from across the USA. Most acts were solo musicians, bands and comedians. One of the acts that really stood out was a Native American dance troupe of about five members.

They performed for about 15 minutes in total. They came out together and then took turns one or two at a time dancing to a number while the others sang and played a large pow wow drum they had onstage. The dances were very much like those at the large Aboriginal Festival I attended - the video clip here shows such a dance very similar to what I saw at the conference.

The college audience was quite receptive and I think the troupe got booked for some shows at colleges as a result of their showcase. This was great since it helps college students get a good appreciation of Native American culture and helps bring people together.

Discovery Channel is also doing some good things in helping people understand Native American culture better. They have a 4-DVD set called Cowboy Country that has vivid reenactments of legendary heroes, scoundrels, frontier towns, outposts and tribal villages from the old wild American west. See this Discovery Channel webpage for more info on this set;

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