Thursday, September 24, 2009

University Student Government Association On Diversity

The student government association from Gannon University recognized the need for diversity skills training for its students. This is why Clint Cora was brought in as a diversity speaker to do his 'Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success' presentation. The campus is getting more diverse each year with students from overseas as well as Native Americans. Gannon U's Lecture Chair Matt Blair says,

"We just hired Clint Cora to start out our year at Gannon University
as a diversity motivational speaker. I really liked it because in
terms of being on campus and even with dealing with the corporate
world, we have so many problems about understanding differences."

He adds, 
"I think Clint did a great job of providing examples as well as
 activities where they helped people assimilate into other
groups they might not know or might not talk to."

Matt is even on video talking about the diversity presentation Clint did at Gannon University.

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