Saturday, December 19, 2009

Native Canadian Protest Against Winter Olympics

The Olympic torch relay touched down in Toronto, Ontario this week and it was a great event for all, except for a few people. Looks like there was a Native Canadian protest that disrupted the Olympic torch relay a bit in downtown Toronto. Organizers had to change the route a bit. This is a real shame as such protests should have no place in the world of peaceful international sports. Protesters should take their voice to some other venue. If they were hoping to gain some sympathy, they certain had that backfired on them since their actions were definitely not appreciated by the crowds of others who came to see the Olympic torch.


YanktonDakotaNative. said...

So what are you saying?
That the people who have been here since this land was found dont have the right to protest what was already theirs? IT IS a shame that you people think it is okay to harm this land with your big buildings. Remember, We belong to the earth, the earth does not belong to us.

Clint said...

I'm saying although it's okay to protest, don't involve innocent people like the Olympic athletes and the torchrunners. They have nothing to do with the issues. It's similar to terrorism in a mild form. When terrorists attack innocent civilians who have nothing to do with political issues, things will backfire on them, ie., the public opinion.

Many issues are indeed worth fighting for but choose the right people to fight against. Leave the athletes who are training their hearts out -- out of the conflict.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has the right to their opinion. This land belongs to Native American. everyone has the right to protest, if there is injustice. Look at the WINTER OLYMPICS>> we talk about diversity.. WHERE You able to see it????NOOOO.. It just goes to show the discrimination/racism hidden in the fabric of our society..Multiculturalism we acclaim.REALLY???? I am soo ashamed to be called Canadian. WE have a beautiful mix of cultures in this country, and it should have been shown to the world.

Clint Cora said...

I saw every colour and race represented even during the opening ceremonies last night - didn't you?