Thursday, April 01, 2010

Inuit Native Art Gallery Survey Results

Free Spirit Gallery conducted an online survey among our Inuit and Native art gallery newsletter readers recently. They were asked about their plans to acquire any artwork this year given the effects of the recession.

With a total of 258 respondents from Canada, USA and all over the world, here are the results summarized.

Want to acquire Inuit polar bears - 20%
Want to acquire Inuit inukshuk carvings - 18%
Want to acquire Inuit prints - 30%
Want to acquire Inuit wall hangings - 16%
Want to acquire other Inuit art - 11%

Want to acquire Northwest native carvings - 31%
Want to acquire Northwest native prints - 35%
Want to acquire Northwest native masks ($800 to $1500) - 13%
Want to acquire other Northwest native art - 11%

Will not acquire any art in 2010 - 40%

It is not surprising that there is a significant chunk of readers (40%) who will not be in a position for new artwork this year again due to the recession. What was interesting is that among those who do plan to acquire artwork, both Inuit and Northwest Native prints as well as NW carvings lead the way with the art categories.

We'll try to get some more NW carvings as well as prints in for the future.

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