Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eskimo Inuit Throat Singers On Video

One of the most interesting cultural sounds is from the Eskimo Inuit from Canada's Artic region (note that in Canada, we do not generally use the term Eskimo but since it is still used in Alaska and elsewhere, we have included this term in this post - it is not meant to be used as a discriminatory term). Below is a short video of Inuit throat singers in action.

This post is also serving as a test post for our new Inuit Native American Indian Art Facebook page.

This video is also shown at YouTube Inuit Throat Singers or directly at

Monday, May 24, 2010

Native American Indian Art Eskimo Inuit Art Now On Facebook

Free Spirit Gallery has now set up a fan page on Facebook for Native American Indian art and Eskimo Inuit art! Notice that there is now a Facebook button at the sidebar of this blog on the right. Just click on it to get to our new Facebook page.

Pacific Northwest Native American Indian Art Mask Video

Here is a video of a Pacific Northwest Native American Indian art mask created by master carver Cody Mathias of Squamish Nation, BC, Canada. It is of a Wild Man, a character from Northwest Native legend. This mask as of this date, is available at Free Spirit Gallery and is a one of a kind, original signed by Cody in the back of the mask.

For more information on this wonderful piece see Wild Man Northwest Native Art Mask.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bio Of Northwest Native Canadian First Nations Artist

We have put up at our website a bio of Northwest Native Canadian First Nations artist Todd Baker who is our featured artist of our current limited edition prints at our gallery. He is the grandson of Chief Simon Baker of the Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, BC.

He began drawing for his tribe in his preteens and had world-renowned Canadian First Nations artist Bill Reid critique his first instrumental crest design. He has done numerous pieces for institutions and organizations around the world. These include limited editions for the Peace Federation of Canada, Teachers Federation of BC, Canadian Lacrosse association, design work for the Heart disease, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke foundation, the Cancer Society, the Kids fund and the Vancouver Opera House.

A full bio is at Northwest Native Canadian First Nations artist Todd Baker.

By the way, his Raven print is extremely rare since ONLY 40 were ever produced and there are only a few left. If you want to get a very rare print at a very reasonable price, check out his Raven print.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Northwest Native Art Prints Always Coming

We have a regular supply of Northwest Native art prints coming in every few weeks so if you like a print that you see on our gallery website, especially those by Todd Jason Baker, go ahead and order them. If you happen to order a print when we are out of that particular one, that's okay because we will hold your order in priority sequence of when it came in.

We won't charge your credit card until the new limited edition numbered Northwest Native art prints actually arrive at our gallery and we ship your print out to you. So there's no worry about being out of stock because if we happen to run low on a certain print, we will most likely have new ones coming in within two weeks and you will be in priority before the rest of the general public does.

For the Northwest Native art prints by Todd Baker, we have been assured that there are quite a lot left in existence maybe except for the Raven print which have a limited number left. But for the other ones like the Orca, the Eagle and the Speaker's Staff, there are plenty available for us to secure from the artist.

So if you like one of the designs you see on our Northwest Native Art Prints section, just go ahead and order it. Again, we won't charge your credit card until the print that you want is actually shipped out to you.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Northwest Indian Art Carvings Coming Friday

The new Northwest Indian art carvings will be put on our gallery website this Friday. They are a nice selection by master carver Cody Mathias and his nephew George Stokes. So on Friday, go to our website and start at the Northwest Indian art carvings webpage begin browsing to see what these two awesome carvers have created.

Also don't forget that Northwest Indian art limited edition prints by Todd Jason Baker have already come in and are currently available.