Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bio Of Northwest Native Canadian First Nations Artist

We have put up at our website a bio of Northwest Native Canadian First Nations artist Todd Baker who is our featured artist of our current limited edition prints at our gallery. He is the grandson of Chief Simon Baker of the Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, BC.

He began drawing for his tribe in his preteens and had world-renowned Canadian First Nations artist Bill Reid critique his first instrumental crest design. He has done numerous pieces for institutions and organizations around the world. These include limited editions for the Peace Federation of Canada, Teachers Federation of BC, Canadian Lacrosse association, design work for the Heart disease, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke foundation, the Cancer Society, the Kids fund and the Vancouver Opera House.

A full bio is at Northwest Native Canadian First Nations artist Todd Baker.

By the way, his Raven print is extremely rare since ONLY 40 were ever produced and there are only a few left. If you want to get a very rare print at a very reasonable price, check out his Raven print.

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