Sunday, June 06, 2010

Free Spirit Gallery Website To Move To New Web Host

The Free Spirit Gallery website has been hosted at a webhosting company in Montreal since inception and throughout the years, there have been numerous problems with connections that resulted in the website being down. This is unacceptable so in an effort to ensure that downtime is kept at an absolute minimum in the future, we will not be renewing our webhosting service with our present company this summer.

Instead, we will be moving our entire Free Spirit Gallery website to a very reputable webhosting service named BlueHost which is located in Utah, USA. This will take place probably this month sometime and we will try to initiate the move on a very late Friday night since weekends are historically the time periods of the lowest website traffic.

We want to make sure that whenever our website visitors want to look at beautiful artwork and read interesting information on Native art, the website is up and running efficiently. We expect that this move to BlueHost will enable us to provide better service to our website visitors.

Clint - Free Spirit Gallery

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investment art said...

good to see some culture art on show educating people who visit