Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Native American Art Gallery Website Shopping Cart Working Well

I've just been through quite a few test transactions with the new secure online shopping cart system for Free Spirit Gallery and looks like it is working great. In fact, the new system is even better than our previous one since it accounts for shipping rates for international destinations.

All of the Inuit art as well as Northwest Native American art pieces we currently have are now on this new shopping cart and there are special green Add To Cart buttons on each of their item webpages.

The Inuit art pieces have also been added with these new shopping cart functions for our German and Japanese webpages too. We haven't added the Northwest Native art pieces to our foreign language pages yet but hope to do so this weekend.

In the meantime, Free Spirit Gallery is in business again providing beautiful Native American art and Inuit art in an even better improved online system.

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