Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canadian Motivational Speaker Is Big Supporter Of Native Art

Canadian Motivational Speaker And Native Art

Canadian motivational speaker and karate world champion Clint Cora is a huge supporter of native art as he not only collects this genre but proudly displays parts of his collection in the background of many of this Motivational WebTV video series each week. In one particular diversity and art related episode, Clint shows you many of his choice pieces of Northwest Native art as well as Inuit art from his home collection.

Being a Canadian motivational speaker, Clint collects native art primarily created by Canadian native artists. He has even written two ebooks on the subects of Canadian native art and is available through our Free Spirit Gallery website.

See his video episode with his native art collection to get an idea of what he collects. He also shows some artwork from other genres in this video as well.


rie said...

I am interested in finding wholesalers of Native Art. Real carved, not from other countries, masks and totems particularly. Transformation masks are a bonus. Can you help?

Peter said...

Hi Rie,
I recently visited some galleries of Inuit art in Vancouver, offered by this link. Maybe you will find it useful for your search.